We’re glad you came to visit. How can we be helpful?

Our heart is to minister God’s grace to inspire you to grow and change in an environment that honors truth as the path to freedom and abundant living.

Our services include professionally competent and distinctly Christian counseling AND Christian coaching. So, whether you are in pain and have some issues that need healing, or if you are hungry to accomplish some personal, professional or health related goals, we offer a variety of services to help you to accomplish your them.

Grace & Truth Counseling

. . . is provided by licensed clinical staff who conduct assessments and plan treatment that is individualized to your situation. Click here for endorsements or here for more about our counseling philosophy.

Grace & Truth Coaching

. . . is for clients motivated to grow and to accomplish goals in personal, professional, or ministry relationships, health and weight loss. While marriage is our specialty, a coach approach is an efficient way to accomplish growth goals in all areas of life. Our coaches partner with you to shape your goals that you want to accomplish by doing action-steps that you want to do! Click here for endorsements or here for more about coaching.

Global Access

Many of our services are available globally. Clients are seen in person at our home office in Springfield, Ohio (fly-in intensives can be arranged), and remotely by phone, Skype and e-correspondence.

At Grace & Truth we offer God’s Grace to try again, and Truth to help you be successful.